Schlagwort: SOTEU

Welcome to our commented version of the live broadcast of the SOTEU, the annual address by EU Commission-President Ursula von der Leyen. This speech is tackling the current state of the European Union, presenting achievements of the running legislative period, and of last years political developments specifically, then focussing on actual challenges and offering future prospects. Political science professor Dirk van den Boom and communication-expert Nana Walzer analyze and explain what is being said by president von der Leyen, deliver context and provide background information as well as answer the questions from the twitch-community in the chat.

Broadcasted live on the twitch-channel “Wildmics” on September 13th 2023, from 09.00-11.00. See: and

Am 14.09.22 ist es wieder soweit: Kommissions-Präsidentin Ursula von der Leyen hält die Rede zur Lage der Union. Nana Walzer kommentiert live auf Twitch ab 08.55. Nachzusehen auf dem Kanal